Keeping Patients at the Center

“The theme of the 2018 Community Oncology ConferenceKeeping Patients at the Center—reflects the critical mission that justifies our existence in the field of community oncology. All of our advancements in technology, in science, and even policy, are for the patients we serve.”

At our practice, we approach patient care as a team, keeping in mind that nobody knows it all. Our administrators have a different set of skills, and encounter different challenges in their day-to-day jobs than our physicians, or our nurses, or our pharmacists. But we need every member of our team at their best to provide the best care. That is why the Community Oncology Conference is the conference for the whole team.”

“This year the conference is split into four tracks—clinical, business, advocacy, and pharmacy—to reflect this team approach to oncology. From novel therapeutic interventions and molecular testing, to navigating reimbursement policies and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), to disaster preparedness and response, there is something for everyone in the practice across these tracks.”

“Every year we rely on the Community Oncology Conference to enrich our practice by learning innovative solutions from our colleagues around the country. We all need each other to understand the complexities of oncology in 2018, and beyond.”

“This is the premier national conference in community oncology. You simply cannot miss it.”

Lucio N. Gordan, MD
Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute
Gainesville, Florida
2018 Conference Co-Chair